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"In it, Jourdain outlines the contributions of many of Cantor¿s forerunners¿including Fourier, Dirichlet, Cauchy, Weierstrass, Riemann, Dedekind, and Hankel¿and then further contextualizes Cantor¿s groundbreaking theory by recounting and examining his earlier work. In this volume, Cantor addresses:¿ the addition and multiplication of powers¿ the exponentiation of powers¿ the finite cardinal numbers¿ the smallest transfinite cardinal number aleph-zero¿ addition and multiplication of ordinal types¿ well-ordered aggregates¿ the ordinal numbers of well-ordered aggregates¿ and much more.German mathematician GEORG CANTOR (1845-1918) is best remembered for formulating set theory. His work was considered controversial at the time, but today he is widely recognized for his important contributions to the field of mathematics."
Fischer Audio Aleph aleph
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Aleph aleph
Aleph aleph
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George Cantor Contributions to the Founding of the Theory of Transfinite Numbers aleph

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