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Motivating Mum (www.motivatingmum.co.uk) is a website that offers support and advice to mums who are running businesses and those who are thinking of starting up. In March 2011, Motivating Mum organised a charity mentoring festival called Mummy Mentoring Month, in association with International Women's Day. Successful business women were encouraged to donate their time and their professional services, and these services were sold to mums who were starting up, with all proceeds going to charity. As part of this festival, we asked business women in the UK and Australia to send in blogs, which were published one a day during the month of March. I kept the scope very wide – blog about anything that would give support and advice to mums. The results were amazing – blogs written by professional coaches and very successful businesswomen, and blogs written by people who are just starting out. Some are sharing their professional advice in various different disciplines – some are just sharing their personal journeys, successes and failures. Taken as a whole I think these blogs provide a great resource of really good advice for mums in business, and that is why I decided to put them together into an eBook that people can dip into for inspiration on an ongoing basis. The charity that we supported for Mummy Mentoring Month in the UK is Nema (www.nemafoundation.org) which helps women in rural Mozambique with aid, healthcare and education, so that they can support their communities and families. So in order to continue the spirit of Mummy Mentoring Month and International Women's Day, I am donating 20% of my royalties from the sale of this book to Nema. I hope that you will be inspired and educated by the blogs in this book. If you are please visit www.motivatingmum.co.uk (or www.motivatingmum.com in Australia) where the support, advice and inspiration is ongoing.
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