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Global Health Lecture Notes: Issues, Challenges and Global Action provides a thorough introduction to a wide range of important global health issues and explores the resources and skills needed for this rapidly expanding area. Global Health is a growing area that reflects the increasing interconnectedness of health and its determinants. Major socio-economic, environmental and technological changes have produced new challenges, and exacerbated existing health inequalities experienced in both developed and developing countries. This textbook focuses on managing and preventing these challenges, as well as analysing critical links between health, disease, and socio-economic development through a multi-disciplinary approach. Featuring learning objectives and discussion points, Global Health Lecture Notes is an indispensable resource for global health students, faculty and practitioners who are looking to build on their understanding of global health issues.
Global Нож для рыбы и мяса Global, 31 см G-29 Global global
Global Нож для овощей и фруктов Global Small, 9 см GS-38 Global global
Global Магнитный держатель Global 41 cм G-42\41 Global global
Global Мусат с алмазным напылением Global, 30 см G-39\B Global global
Robinson Global Health and Global Aging global
Liesbeth De Block, David Professor Buckingham Global Children, Global Media. Migration, Media and Childhood global
S. Rose Challenging Global Gender Violence. The Global Clothesline Project global
Чемодан Global Case Global Case MP002XU0E2SC global
Чемодан Global Case Global Case MP002XU0E2SH global
Global global
Elizabeth Armstrong-Mensah A. Lecture Notes Global Health. Issues, Challenges, and Global Action global
Секционный радиатор Global Style Extra 350, биметаллический, STE03501012, белый, 12 секций global
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