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Gold Medal Winner, Success and Motivation, 2011 Axiom Business Book Awards Insight from leaders who experienced major setbacks and redefined success In tough economic times, when careers are derailed and leaders are forced to rewrite their professional plans, this book enlightens and uplifts. Comebacks features an all-star cast of ten leaders who endured setbacks-for some a public fall in the midst of media scrutiny-then reassessed and moved ahead with new purpose. Based on revealing interviews, the book presents a behind-the–headlines glimpse into the lives of leaders; how they drew upon resources, both internal and external, to move on; and the lessons that helped them redefine success. Leaders profiled include: Jacques Nasser, former CEO of Ford Motor Co., recently appointed Chairman of BHP Billiton, the world's largest natural resources company Patricia Dunn, former Chair of Hewlett-Packard, vilified for her alleged role in corporate espionage only to be exonerated from all charges, today active in philanthropy Jamie Dimon (JP Morgan), Herbert «Pug» Winokur (Enron Corp.), David Neeleman (JetBlue), and more Redmond, a top executive recruiter, and Crisafulli, author of The House of Dimon, show how all leaders face adversity, but true leaders turn adversity into success.
Dan Kaluzny Dream, Dare, Learn, Lead. A Guide for Tomorrow's Leaders leaders
Doris Lee McCoy America's New Vision. Our Leaders leaders
Brant D. Baker Teaching P.R.A.Y.E.R. (Prayer). Guidance for Pastors and Spiritual Leaders leaders
James W. Moore When All Else Fails...Read the Instructions with Leaders Guide leaders
Dr R. N. Givhan Developing Next Generation Leaders in a Diverse Environment. Leadership Development leaders
Revd Fr Monodeep Daniel A Book of Blessings for CNI Pastors and Lay Leaders leaders
Little Leaders. Visionary Women Around the World leaders
Ph.D. Carlo A. Serrano Leadership Fatigue. What New Leaders Can Learn from an Old King leaders
Gary Noble PhD Leadership in Christian Education leaders
Dr Shelley G. Trebesch Isolation--A Place of Transformation In The Life of a Leader leaders
Andy Buck Leadership Matters. How leaders at all levels create great schools leaders
Patricia Crisafulli Comebacks. Powerful Lessons from Leaders Who Endured Setbacks and Recaptured Success on Their Terms leaders
Hermann Giliomee The Last Afrikaner Leaders. A Supreme Test of Power leaders

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